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Silvia Prendin

Translator - Language Consultant

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Events on Translation in Italy


19-22 March 2012

Children's Book Fair - Bologna


30 March 2012

Words, Machines and Peanuts - Bologna


13 April 2012

Fiscal Regimes for Professional Translators & Interpreters - Pisa


14 April 2012

Workshop for Translators: Getting Established as Professionals - Pisa


21 April 2012

Translation for the Publishing Industry - Pisa


2-23 May 2012

The Translator's Know-How - Rome


5 May 2012

Social Media Marketing for Translators - Pisa


12 May 2012

Legal Translation from French into Italian - Pisa


27 May 2012

Workshop on Legal Translation EN>IT: Memorandum & Articles of association, Power of attorney - Pisa


9 June 2012

Workshop on Legal Translation from German into Italian - Pisa







Working language pairs:


  • English > Italian
  • French > Italian
  • German > Italian


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Translator since 1993, at first as in-house for several private companies, until it became an independent professional business, now established. Certified translator.


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While observing Professional Guidelines and Codes of Ethics (ATA, ProZ, IATI), the translations delivered comply with the Standard EN 15038 and, where appropriate, they are subject to Quality Assurance through ApSIC Xbench.


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 Roman Fresco

Female Writer, perhaps Sappho

Pompeii, approx. 50 a.C.

National Archeological Museum

Naples - Italy